Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The purpose of the Come Clean On Kelly blog

Why another blog about the death of Dr. David Kelly in July 2003?

I hope on this blog, over time, to post much of the evidence relating to the death of Dr. David Kelly that was withheld from the Hutton Inquiry web site.

In particular I hope that those who gave oral testimony to the Hutton Inquiry will agree to the text of their written witness statements at the Hutton Inquiry being made public.

Lord Hutton has stated that if a witness to the Hutton Inquiry wishes to do so they can make public the content of their written witness statement.

Come Clean on Kelly will aim to put online any witness statements that have been made public, as well as hopefully becoming a resource for data garnered from, for example, Freedom of Information requests.

It's only by making public the totality of the evidence that the well-justified suspicions about the death of David Kelly and the cover-up that was the Hutton Inquiry may finally be put to rest.

Continuing cover-up is unacceptable.

All the evidence needs to be put into the public domain.

Come Clean on Kelly will attempt to assist increased transparency about the evidence.


  1. Well done, Andrew. This case must not be allowed to be ignored by the powers that be. They must still be hoping that people like yourself will give up and 'fade into obscurity'. I'm sure that with people like you at the helm this just won't happen.

    I think your readers will agree with me that your blogs have been of great interest and in some cases eye-opening. Your dedication is much admired and I sincerely hope that some day soon the Inquest on Dr David Kelly will be re-opened.

    Unfortunately I am at the cynical age where I believe there isn't anyone un-biased/honest enough to reside over such an Inquest where top profile politicians (suffice to say, has-beens)could possibly be tried for aiding and abetting a murder.

  2. Sylvia,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Selecting a trustworthy person to conduct any inquest is not going to be a straightforward matter at all. I agree.