Saturday, 11 June 2011

FOI Request to Thames Valley Police re TVP handling of DC Coe's false statement to the Hutton Inquiry

This post consists largely of a Freedom of Information request to Thames Valley Police sent earlier today regarding its awareness and handling of DC Graham Coe's false statement to the Hutton Inquiry.

It seems to me that Thames Valley Police have handled the issue badly in not being honest about the false testimony at an early date.

This is a Freedom of Information request.

On 16th September 2003 DC Graham Coe made a false statement to the Hutton Inquiry about the number of individuals he was accompanied by in the vicinity of Harrowdown Hill, Oxfordshire.

1. When did Thames Valley Police first become aware that DC Coe had made a false statement to the Hutton Inquiry?

2. Did Thames Valley Police conduct an internal inquiry of any type into DC Coe's false statement? Did Thames Valley Police impose any disciplinary penalty on DC Coe?

3. What steps have Thames Valley Police made to inform the public about DC Coe's false statement?

4. Has Thames Valley Police ever issued a formal statement to the public on the matter? If so, on what date? I ask for a copy of any and all such statements.

5. Has Thames Valley Police ever publicly apologised about this matter?

6. Was Chief Constable Peter Neyroud party to the concealment of DC Coe's false testimony?

7. What costs have been incurred by Thames Valley Police subsequent to 16th September 2003 as a result of promptly failing to be open and honest about DC Coe's false testimony?

Thank you

(Dr) Andrew Watt

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